Friday, December 31, 2010

Profile: Lyle Alzado

Alzado died in 1992, but he gave a final interview to Sports Illustrated earlier that year in which he admitted to using steroids since 1969(!) and claimed that 90% of athletes of the time were using.

That baseball owners, media, etc. could then come out in the early aughts and say they didn't know that players were using steroids and could not have known and they're just shocked and blah blah blah is so ludicrous and yet we all just nod along with the music.... We knew, they knew, we all knew. To pretend that we were somehow hoodwinked by those sneaky sneaky players and then damn them for it doesn't act as absolution for our own complicity. Sorry.

In any case, Alzado was suggested by Sheldon from Iowa. That's our second Iowa-based suggestion this week! Craziness...

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