Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Profile: Ryan Kalish


Zev thinks I'm being too hard on Kalish with this one, but I just find the whole concept of "coming out" as a Jew to be so ridiculous....

Anyway, Kalish was suggested by John from New Hampshire, Arnold from Cambridge, and Bob from Iowa. Thanks guys!


  1. Yeah, it strikes me as a little hard, too. It would be one thing if he'd denied being Jewish and changed his mind, but it sounds just like a young guy, suddenly sort of famous, choosing an awkward way to say what he's always known was true.

    What's interesting about it, though, is that you might have to revisit Theo Epstein who seems set on producing the first all-Jewish major league roster.

  2. Actually, the scenario you mention in your first paragraph is exactly what happened. He forbid the media from speculating until he decided it was ok to "come out" and let them discuss it.