Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Vegas Baby!

We've had some big news brewing here at JONJ for a while now and it's been hard for us to keep it under wraps till now, but (finally) the truth can be revealed: will be making our first ever public appearance at Tribefest 2011 in sunny (though you'd never know from inside the casino) Las Vegas!

The event will be held from March 6-8 and we will be in attendance. We have some fun activities planned which we'll be able to announce soon (OK, one hint: Jewpardy!) and it'll be your chance to throw rocks at us ask us your burning questions about the site. And Hashem knows, that's a hot ticket.

There'll be a bunch of other fun folks there as well including a published author, a professional football team owner and a hip hop violinist (wha? we have no idea, but it sounds cool as all heck, right?) so it should be a good time even if we're not enough to get your motor running (tough to imagine, we know).

Plus it's Vegas, so do you really need convincing?

All the details are linked above. We'd love to see you there (Except you crazy people. You stay home. And stop e-mailing us, too please. Urijah Faber is not Jewish and, frankly, we don't care).

Seriously, it's gonna be an awesome time and we can't wait. Vegas baby. Vegas.


  1. I suggested the "Hip Hop Violinist" a long time ago (and she's one "hot mama" too):

    So profile her already!

  2. Congratulations, guys. When do you break out the bling and go all Hollywood on us?

    If you get the chance, do check out Miri ben Ari's Sunshine to the Rain.