Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Profile: Emil Jellinek


Love, love, love, LOVE the mustache.

With yesterday's profile, we had multiple suggestions that spanned a couple of years. With today's, just one, and it led to a profile almost immediately. Thanks, Mark from New York!

(And Yaakov from Jerusalem just asked to profile Jellinek a couple of days ago, so that worked out...)


  1. Why did you take a point off Natalie Portman??? She went to Jewish school, learned to speak Hebrew, was a Jew's research assistant at Harvard,took graduate courses at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem, was a guest lecturer at Columbia University where she spoke about one of her films, "V for Vendetta", which just happened to be a metaphor on WWII, and wrote a letter to the Harvard Crimson defending Israel. If you don't want her to have a perfect score, take a point off in the Kvell part, but not in the O part. I apologise if this is one of those typical comments which you don't like reading, but still.

  2. No need to apologize... But we did hear a couple of people being surprised to find out she's Jewish, hence the slight drop in the O. Splitting hairs, really.

  3. I think you should put the point for Natalie Portman back, given her recent comments regarding the anti-Semitic remarks some guy at Dior gave her.

    As for today's profile, never knew this, very interesting. An interesting sidenote is Volkswagen is actually the #1 car in Israel.