Thursday, April 7, 2011

Profile: Matisyahu

Sad to say, when we write about rappers, everyone loses...

Matisyahu was suggested by... M. from New Jersey, Moishe from La Jolla, Shari from North Carolina, Rebecca from Netwon, MA, AJ from Ann Arbor, Brazilai from Chicago, Jory from Kansas, Jess from Seattle, Arlyn from Brooklyn, Dan from New Jersey, Paula from Kingston, PA, Hiob from the UK, and Joel from Georgia.

Apparently, people care about Matisyahu.

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  1. There is one more Jewish rapper, not as famous as Drake or Matiyashu, but still "up there", Remedy of the Wu Tang Clan:

    Probably in between Matiyashu and Drake on the "Jewish cultural" scale, he did a great rap with the Wu Tang group called "Never Again" about the Holocaust.

    And though not a rapper per se, who would've ever thought that the very hip-hop/rap oriented morning show on Hot 97 in New York City would have "Rosenberg" as as part of the title: