Thursday, March 15, 2012

Profile: Andrew Garfield

Yeah, today's profile chronicles what actually happened: Zev asked me what score we should give Garfield and I thought he meant the furry fellow pictured above. The profile, as written, is more or less the conversation that followed.

On the plus side, this trailer doesn't look half bad. Y'know, for a reboot that no one is asking for and fewer will understand.

Suggestions by Esther from Canada, Jason from Vancouver, Paige from Pittsburgh, Rozzie from Oakland, Noga from Israel, Laurie from North Carolina, and Jeff from Phoenix.

1 comment:

  1. Hey, yeah... Um... That's a god-damn funny profile of Garfield, the cat. Curious is the creator of Garfield (the cat) Jim Davis Jewish? Curious... Andrew's Father was Jewish and he was raised Jewish, but what about his Mother is/was she Jewish?
    You know what curiosity did to the cat... (please respond. Thank-you.)