Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Profile: B&H Photo Video


How bad are B&H's radio ads? It dropped them 2 (TWO!) whole K scores. That's right, B&H would have been a perfect score, except for the fact that their ads make me want to drive over there and beat the crap out of whoever makes them. And I work in advertising, so you know I have a higher tolerance than most for that stuff.

On the other hand, the story about the camera, as related in the profile, is absolutely 100% true. They spent hours helping with a camera (getting it properly set up, updating drivers, etc.) that they never even sold us.

So yeah, good place. Y'know, so long as you don't ever listen to the radio, anyway.


  1. Great profile (I wholeheartedly agree), but you realize that no one outside of metro NY City (unless they are major camera enthusiasts) is going to know what you're talking about......

  2. Well, it clearly states in the first paragraph what B&H is. And if no one cares, there's always tomorrow's profile!