Friday, March 30, 2012

Profile: Dolph Starbeam

Thanks to Johnny from California for the suggestions, who writes, "About five years ago, Dolph from the Simpsons mentioned that he had to go to Hebrew School. Then a year or two later, when the bullies were picking on a Muslim kid, Lisa pointed out that Dolph is Jewish, Jimbo Jones is Christian, and Kearney belonged to the Cult of Moe."

But of course.


  1. Isn't Dolph short for Adolph?

  2. Could be, but not necessarily:

  3. While I can't imagine any "modern" Jews being named Adolph (though I similarly can't imagine being named "Chris" and there's a few rare exceptions), at one time it actually wasn't that uncommon to see it as a first name, I had an uncle and a cousin with the name (born before Hitler of course). But maybe it does lower the "O" score a notch?