Thursday, September 27, 2012

Profile: Csanad Szegedi

Suggestions by Lori from California, Bruce from LA, Frug from Chicago, Bernard from Norway, and David from Highland Park, IL.


  1. Not that you guys don't rock all the time, but it's profiles like these that make your a five-star website. Just beautiful!

    And, oh what a perfect moron indeed!

  2. Some news stories say he's met with rabbis and even apologized for some of his previous statements. Would've been a nice story of personal reassessment and ultimate moral redemption. But I doubt he has the brainpower to endure such a journey.
    Great profile!

  3. I'm not sure which end of the story I'd prefer more—one in which he's victimized by the very hatred he sought to engender or educated by this whole experience. I guess it depends on how forgiving one is feeling.

    I guess I'm good with it either way so long as the message carries through. Hatred of ANY people or group simply for being a people or a group is really stupid.

  4. Look who is trying to atone

  5. Csanad Szegedi is a miracle. I've been following his transformation and after reading some very recent interviews, I think he's a fully changed man. He claims he is an Orthodox Jew now, regularly attends synagogue, he had been circumcised and convinced his wife to convert too.

    I mean just look at his Facebook page and tell me what you think: