Thursday, September 6, 2012

Profile: Ivan Osiier

The 2012 Olympics are long over, but we can't help but profile some old-school Olympians... Especially someone as prolific as Osiier.


  1. Yes, Osiier was a Great Dane in many ways. He was also a doctor (in medicine), very appropriate when you are fighting with deadly weapon... But I have to make a correction, if you don't mind - the 1912 Olympic Games were held in Stockholm, not London. :)

    By the way, Ellen Osiier is often listed as a Jewish fencer, but there are some doubts about her jewishness. Some sources say that she was not Jewish at all - neither born nor converted. Anyhow, she was a hell of a sportswoman!

    Best regards
    Ulf "Zeev" Stahlberg

    (I beg your pardon for my not-so-perfect English sometimes.)

  2. Thank you! He did debut in London, but in 1908, not 1912.