Thursday, September 20, 2012

Update: Evgeni Malkin, (Probably?) Not a Jew

The potential Jewishness of hockey player Evegeni Malkin has been a mystery even to us, and we left his profile open-ended back in 2007. But his father recently talked to a Russian website, and there is more info (thanks, Slava from Baltimore):
I am getting calls from Mordovia. They tell me there are a lot of Malkins there... In Pittsburgh someone told me: "You have a Jewish last name, move here, it will be profitable for you." I can't understand myself, is it Jewish or Mordovian... At one time I had a little business and became known as a Jew. I know there are a lot of Mordovian last names that end on "in". Kovylkin, Satalkin, Merkushkin, who was the former head of the republic. All the famous race walkers, like Kaniskina, Kirdyapkin, their coach Chyogin... So, it is quite probable that we are Mordovian.
So, the father himself is not sure. Oh well. Barely a Jew he stays...

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