Thursday, October 4, 2012

NNNNNNoooooooooooo!!!!! Smoked Salmon Makes Some Sick

Here at my office we have a bit of a leper colony going on, with half my team out sick and the other half either on the mend (me. hooray!) or headed for a bad couple of days (just about everyone who isn't already out). Well it turns out we're not the only ones suffering this week.

Per Yahoo, it looks like the lox may be laying some people low, as smoked salmon salmonella (tongue twister both in the saying and in the consuming) has become a legitimate health concern. Some are sick, some are scared, and there's a whole lot of smoked salmon being recalled right now as people try to figure out what went wrong.

More importantly though, what will we do without our beloved bagel with cream cheese and lox?

Oh wait, the epidemic is just in Norway (and in lox shipped to Costco which, look, if you're getting your lox from Costco maybe you have bigger problems).

So all good.

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