Monday, October 22, 2012

Profile: Donald Fagen

Suggestions by Edward from Clarksboro, NJ, Jason from Vancouver, and Cliff from New York.


  1. No, see now that's just it (Oh hi The Musical Jew again...) You guys really don't have any proof that Walter Becker was Jewish or NOT for you see... There's sites that claim that he is and sites claim that he is not. Unless you have read it in interviews or he has stated it himself personally I see no evidenece to the contrary. People can say another person's Jewish without evidence. For example. One of my Favourite bands is the Melvins... Sounds Jewish enough right? And that Buzz Osbourne (No relation to Ozzy) is Jewish but it only says this... Pravda: The Melvins= Buzz Osborne (Jewish) How is that proof!?! You need to provide proof... I've seen in many other sites that Walter Becker "IS" Jewish because somebody just stated the fact that he was... Where is the proof... Anyway... Shalom Zev and Yakov... You do, do a good job... But do you sometimes just see 10 sites on google claiming that someone is Jewish and therefore do no no futher reasearch. You guys aren't accurate enough to convince me that Walter Becker was born and raised Jewish, unless you can good luck to you. Shalom. P.S. I'm kinda politically Left too so if you could do a profile on Mitt (Had his dog tied to the car of the roof) (Mormon)) Rommney. Profile that would be funny. P.S. I'm British. And you Americans are quite funny. But NOT as funny as us... However I do think your profiles are quite funny, sometimes... ;)

    1. We are not here to prove anyone is Jewish. We are also not here to do original research. There is a lot of hearsay about Becker on the Internet; but there is also a Q&A with him, where when asked if he is Jewish, he doesn't deny it.

      We've been wrong before; if we're wrong here, someone usually will send us proof, and we'll fix it.

  2. Personally I would upgrade their Kvell score to a 5 because they were responsible for some of the finest, smartest pop music of the 1970s. However, I suppose you could justify docking them a point since, like Geddy Lee, Fagen and Becker do tend to come off as a bit nerdy at times.

  3. Screw it. Since Becker is not exactly clear, changing the profile to just Fagen.

  4. I guess you'll have to profile Becker separately some other time.

  5. Okay... Thanks for changing it... BUT (there's always a BUT isn't there...?) 3 Things(Pasted)1. We are not here to prove anyone is Jewish. WHAT??? Isn't that the whole point of this awesome website? (pasted) 2. We are also not here to do original research *(scratches head) But you got to do some research. I mean you just can't go around claiming that... Oh I don't know... Mussolini was Jewish when he was not, for example. 3. I'm interested in (pasted) but there is also a Q&A with him, where when asked if he is Jewish, he doesn't deny it.Where did you find this Q&A with him. Good job anyway with the profile and of Donald. I was kind of excpecting... Um, actually don't know what I was expecting but thanks for profiling Steely Dan's founder Donald. Genius, G_d? Legend!!! Shalom. Oy vey... sorry about all that. :) You won't hear from Musical Jew for quite awhile. I promise... Shalom.