Thursday, November 8, 2012

Profile: Abe Bookman

To be fair, Abe Bookman is the co-creator with the goyishe Albert Carter.


  1. Yeah, I was going to say!!! Albert Carter. INVENTED The Magic 8-Ball! Abe Bookman just helped finance it!

  2. Ummmmmm not exactly. Carter invented the idea of something you shake that would provide a fortune. It was Bookman who provided the 8-Ball shape and most of the modern trappings; well after Carter's death.

  3. ummmmmm NO, all bookman did was capitalize on another man's invention. he came up with the round container to this already established invention of Albert's. he also defamed the man that was responsible for making him rich by telling everyone he was a drunk. maybe abe killed Albert so that he could take over. and btw, he invented more than "something you shake". he is responsible for the whole creation with the exception of the outer shell. that's it.