Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Profile: Barry Levinson

Suggestions by Cacol from Germany and Adel from Galveston.


  1. Loved your game....I didn't know them all but still scored a 15! (Because I guess I knew which ones weren't)

  2. Speaking of directors... What about the Wachowski Brother's... Er, um... I mean the Wachowski's (now)... you know the guys who wrote and directed The Matrix?!? Are they Jewish? Wachowski, sounds very VERY Jewish to me... So, Yakov, Zev can you profile The Wachowski's please, please, please!?! Thank-you.

    P.S. Just played the game too, absolutley loved it? What was the reason behind it? (Curious is all.)

    P.P.S. But please the main question are The Wachowski's Jewish or not? Thank-you!!!

  3. Wachowskis are not Jewish. They are also not brothers anymore.

  4. Oh... And yeah I know they're not brothers anymore. I was trying to be funny, by adding: "Er and um... I mean the Wachowski's (now)" into the mix... It was a little joke... I guess you didn't find it funny. Anyway, thanks for answering. :)