Monday, December 3, 2012

Profile: Al Michaels

Suggestions by Steven from Minnesota, Patrick from Evergreen, CO, and Joe from New York.


  1. You should mention one of the best examples of how awesome Al Michaels is. He was in San Francisco, covering the '89 World Series with Oakland, when the earthquake hit. He then basically switched from covering a sports event to a news event, which he did seamlessly (and got nominated for an Emmy in the News division for it.)

  2. As Big Jewish Football Fans and with 61 Days to go (I've been counting, can't wait, can't wait) `til the Superbowl, who do you think is gonna win, or is it too far to call??

  3. I don't know if this lowers his O score any, but Al Michaels "rejected" admission into the International Jewish Sports Hall of Fame. He is definitely Jewish, but supposedly quite "coy" about it (and equally "coy" about being originally from Brooklyn I've heard!).

    But (as someone mentioned) his reporting during the 1989 earthquake might raise his K score (and as I remember it he "bragged" the whole time about being 'from the Bay Area' (I think his family moved there in his teens)).

  4. Anon #2:

    Now that my beloved Giants pooped their pants last night, the picture's a lot clearer, right?

    I think we're down to Denver, New England, Houston and San Fran as legit candidates. Since San Fran is the only one of those teams from the NFC, I have to give them the nod to make and then win the Super Bowl.

    By the home city's Jew Score? I guess I'd have to pick *shudder* the Patriots...

  5. Yeah, see I don't know about that, yes San Fran is in good form no doubt... And I don't like New England either but did you see the way The Patriots played against The Dolphins? It looks like they could be (unfortunatley) the one's to make and win... My team went out of the contention ages ago to even get to the playoffs let alone make The Superbowl. Oy.

  6. Oh forgot to tell you my team? Oakland Raiders... I know, I know we had a terri- no horrible season. 3 wins and 9 loses. Oh well, there's always next season right? Oy.