Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Profile: Amy Schumer

Suggestions by Jake from LA, Claudio from Massachusetts, and John from Canada.


  1. I'll admit that Inside Amy can be a bit up and down, but I think she's someone really special at her best. She can sometimes pull off the weird overbearing character (like the skit where she plays an ambiguously lesbian yoga instructor who may or may not be hitting on a client) but she's really onto something with the character who confronts a world gone weird all at once. If you haven't seen the skit where she's called on to roast a nine-year-old boy who's dying of cancer, check it out here: I think it's edgy, original, and funny. Yeah it makes you cringe, but I give her props for taking so big a chance and making it work.

  2. Any relation to Congressman Chuck?