Monday, July 22, 2013

Profile: Sean Paul

Suggestions by Peter from De Pere, WI, Daniel from New Jersey, and Ben from NYC.


  1. ?

  2. Marley is dead, so no Jewie for him.

  3. I LOVE SEAN PAUL!!! As soon DUTTY ROCK came out I bought it within a snap!!! (of my middle and thumb finger!) But your profile on him... Oh my fucking G_D! That was so fucking FUNNY! I mean it!!! G_d-damn you Jews are funny! I was raised Catholic so I know you guys are funny! But! We Catholics have/had our funny guys too e.g.: Bill Murray, Steven Wright and the late but great George Carlin. You know speaking of George Carlin his act was so funny at one time I believed he was Jewish... My point? You Jews, Zev and Yakov in particular are fucking funny (The reason I swear so much is because of George's 7 dirty words)but my funniest Jewish comedian of all time is JERRY SEINFELD (I have his book (SeinLanguage!) Well it's not mine it's his) my only complaint? BUT! Why didn't you give him a 5/5/5? Who cares if he "tried" Scientology who hasn't? My Paternal Grandmother told my Father to try it too? Does that make him a Scientologist? (P.S. We're not into religion that much at all) NO! Jerry was born and raised Jewish, and THAT'S ALL THAT MATTERS! So please change his Jewish Score to a 15! (PLEASE!) Anyway...LOVED THE PROFILE Description! P.S. Just watched two episodes of Seinfeld read your blogs between the advertisements so I had to do something...
    Hey, I'm Multi-tasked. So sue me. Peace... Or what is you Jews say? Shalom? I like that.

  4. Sean Paul is not only part Jewish, but part Asian, which puts him in the company of this singer:

  5. Where is your profile of Bob Marley in the Unplugged section? Anyway... You know I think Bob Marley actually was Jewish, hear me out. He WAS Jewish on his Father's side as this evidence indicates. See here:

    On His 68th Birthday, a Look at Bob Marley and His Jewish Father ...

    Bob Marley was a Jew. - 18 Karat Reggae › Bob Marley

    WATCH: Bob Marley's Jewish Roots! | United with Israel | Was Bob Marley's Father Jewish?

    Norval Marley, Capt. (1881 - 1955) - Genealogy - Geni

    Take it or leave it but I think you should change the verdict to: Borderline Jew? Other than that great work! Keep it up!


    There are claims on the internet that Bob had some kind of Jewish ancestry (sometimes cited as Syrian Jewish), through his father, or, sometimes, his mother. There is no documented evidence that Bob had Jewish ancestry (the “Bloomfield” family line from which Bob descended, a famous family in Jamaica, is sometimes cited as having been originally Jewish; this is almost certainly false).