Monday, September 30, 2013

Profile: Oscar Hammerstein

Suggestions by John from Australia and Daniel from Wisconsin.


    Am I right in saying that his Father was Jewish and his Mother was not? Also I found out another interesting fact Yakov, Zev... Is it true that you can be Jewish through your Father? So if your Mother was NOT Jewish you are still technically Jewish or am I 100% wrong (Unless that person identifies with his Father's religion (Jewish) is he therefore Jewish? A person you should profile next? Miley Cyrus! Yup you heard me! Father was a Baptist (Southern) Mother... Could be... She changed her name... She came from loveable Disney actress to womyn who are just jealous cause she "Twerks?" like a hoe. Personally I love Miley and would love for you to profile her... Please... Yes I'm a man and yes I'm gay. :) Please profile her... Please. :)

  2. The traditional definition requires the mother to be Jewish. The father is irrelevant. Our website is more... open-minded.

  3. Are you out of your mind? Take your opera, I'll take South Pacific, Oklahoma etc. some of the greatest quintessentially American music ever written. A true American art form in the hands of a true American master. How many operatic tunes can you hum or sing or even remember? And by the way since a father contributes 50% of the offsprings DNA, a person with a Jewish father is just as Jewish as a person with a Jewish mother. Enough of this primordial crap already. In fact, if I'm not mistaken the clearer line of Jewish lineage can be traced through the father rather than the mother. Maybe, maybe not. Still, how about a nod to 20th century science.

  4. I thought Oscar Hammerstein self-identified as Episcopalian.