Monday, December 9, 2013

Profile: Edith Stein

Suggestion by Antonio from Singapore.

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  1. A quick thought: that K of 3 is pretty low. After all, we're talking about a substantial philosopher in an age of giant thinkers, one who showed remarkable integrity in an idiosyncratic life. She's a saint, after all, and -- even if we have ambivalence about her converting out -- it's hard not to boast at least some.

    Still, I recognize that you probably don't want to go above an 8 overall. How can a Catholic nun be more than "barely a Jew."

    So, would it work to raise the K to a 4 but lower the O to a zero? After all, what could be less Jewish-like than sainted nun?

    Nice work, though. She's definitely one to contemplate in this wonderful (and sometimes bizarre) project of yours.