Friday, December 13, 2013

Profile: Fred Trueman

Suggestion by... absolutely no one. Jews don't really care about cricket...


  1. While Fiery Fred is probably the most successful part-Jewish cricketer, plenty of other members of the tribe have plied their trade at the sport. Jews have played test cricket for South Africa and Australia, and first-class cricket in England, India and Ireland at least. Interesting Jewish cricketers include:

    * Ali Bacher - South African test captain and apartheid-era manager who organised 'rebel' tours during the boycott of South Africa, but also worked to unite South African cricket when apartheid fell.
    * Bev Lyon - captained Gloucestershire and was the only Jewish Cricketer of the Year... in 1937
    * Michael Klinger - the most prominent currently active player: captains Gloucestershire, so who knows...
    * Harry Primrose, 6th Earl of Roseberry - the son of a former British Prime Minister and a Rothschild, he captained Surrey and later became a cabinet minister under Churchill.
    * John Raphael - played cricket for Surrey as well as rugby union for England; born in Belgium and died there during World War I

    Also, Jason Molins recently captained Ireland. Unfortunately Ireland aren't very good at cricket. Now a Jewish Gaelic Football player, that would be something!

  2. Also:

    * Curling: Manitoban Jews have been curling at least since 1933, when the all-Jewish Maple Leaf Curling Club was formed in Winnipeg. The club won the Manitoba provincial championship three times. Meanwhile, Terry and Ron Braunstein of Saskatoon were in the 1965 winning team of the Tim Hortons Brier, the Canadian men's curling championship.

    * Taekwondo: American George Weissfisch was the 2000 Pan American heavyweight champion, while Israeli settler Bat-El Gatterer was the 2010 European women's featherweight champion.

    And archery? I'll get back to you on that one...