Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Profile: Vitaly Ginzburg


Shared his Nobel with the delightfully named Alexei Abrikosov, Jew.


  1. The guy badmouthed Judaism and he gets a K score of 5? I'm confused.

  2. He didn't badmouth Judaism. He badmouthed the influence of religion in a secular society.

  3. Father of the hydrogen bomb? Well he did have involvement with the development of the Soviet H-bomb, but most people consider Ulam and Teller on the US side (both also Jewish).
    Anyway, Ginzburg in physics is known for a heck of a lot more than his work on the H-bomb. His Nobel prize is for work in superconductivity. He collaborated closely with Lev Landau (whom you already profiled) and Igor Tamm (perhaps you should give him a profile, too.). is work on plasma physics is also considered seminal.
    Ginzburg also helped to oust the Lysenko movement (thus helping to restore modern science to Russia), and for the record, I have read he was a supporter of Israel as well as on the board of Russian Jewish Congress.

  4. "father of the RUSSIAN Hydrogen Bomb"