Thursday, April 8, 2010

Profile: Dean Kamen

Kamen's other inventions include the all-terrain electric wheelchair mentioned in the profile, the insulin pump, and a kind of mobile dialysis machine. So, yeah, we're not talking about an idiot here. And while the Segway was clearly a misstep (we refrain from using the word 'boner' in honor of Andrey Koenig), it's not Kamen's fault that the damn thing got hyped to hell before it launched.

Still. What a stupid, stupid device.

Kamen was suggested by George from Maryland.


  1. Hey, his contraption made it into a "Weird Al" tune, "White and Nerdy," so it isn't THAT bad.

  2. You should have mentioned that Dean Kamen's dad was famed EC-era comic book artist Jack Kamen--one of the best artists in comics during the 1950s.