Thursday, April 15, 2010

Profile: Jean-Claude Van Damme

After a one day hiatus, I return from the wilds of....somewhere for one last profile during my Jewcation. For all of you who wrote in to suggest Latvia, sorry, you're incorrect.

If you read this profile and wondered why all those 80s badasses didn't get together and make one big action flick together, apparently Sylvester Stallone was wondering the same thing.

Anyway, the lines at the beginning and end of this profile don't come from me. Rather they're from the old promos that WPIX here in NYC used to run for Van Damme's films. Yes, someone actually used these and didn't intend for them to be humorous. Scary. ("Damme, that's a good movie!" is another chestnut from that era.)

Jean-Claude Van Damme was suggested by Noah on Long Island, no doubt while he was stuck in traffic on the LIE.


  1. Yes, their family name is Warenberg, but he is
    only partly of jewish heritage. Strange, he circumised his sohn Nicolas