Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Profile: Josh Baskin


Greetings from Day 2 of my Jewcation. Yes, I'm still out having fun in the sun (or am I?) while you're stuck at work reading about Jews. I won't lie to you, I am a little jealous (but only a little).

Today's profile Josh Baskin, was requested by...actually we're pretty sure Moishe suggested it. Go Moishe!

On the other hand, Tom Hanks is one of our most suggested profile subjects with at least 6 suggestions (including one from someone's rabbi!). Steve from NYC however, did mention the Josh Baskin character as evidence of Hanks' potential Judaism, so we'll give him partial credit.

We'll probably end up profiling Hanks at some point, but just so know (Spoiler Alert!) he's not Jewish.


  1. Interesting point about Josh pre-1990 and how it relates to Big (also Big was set in NY and the "boardwalk" with the Zoltan kiosk was in Rye Playland which is in a very Jewish (then and now) Westchester County suburb. My wife (whose name is Lisa) pointed out an interesting thing to me in reverse to Josh about first names I never thought of. There are relatively few Lisas born AFTER 1980, even though it was the #1 girls name of the 1960s (and I know it; I had lots of classmates with the name, dated quite a few girls both Jewish and non-Jewish with the name, and as myself and my wife are in our 40s that makes sense). A lot of Jewish girls had the name too. Just thought it interesting.....

  2. Tom Hanks' character in "Nothing in Common," in which he plays the son of Jackie Gleason and Eva Marie Saint (both non-Jews, I know) was so very, very Jewish...