Monday, June 28, 2010

Profile: Dr. Katz

I'm pretty sure that readers will now point out the Jewish family sitcoms that we somehow did not know about...


  1. I liked "Dr. Katz" a lot -- very funny and very Jewish. I think you might imply a greater place for it as the exemplary Jewish sit-com, though. Check out "The Goldbergs" which was -- Jewish pride alert -- perhaps the first significant sit-com of all time. Invented by Jews, written by Jews, and starring Jews, it may have set the pattern for the sit-com as "laughs within the family/neighborhood/workplace" until the anti-sit-com movement of the 1980s which Seinfeld (an M.O.T., of course) essentially pioneered.

  2. Were the Seavers on "Growing Pains" at least peripherally Jewish? If I remember the show right, they had a Christmas tree, but I also remember the little Jeremy Miller character saying something about Hebrew school.

    Would be funny if true given what a "born again" zealot Kirk Cameron is.