Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Profile: Lothar Matthaus

According to Wikipedia,
In December 2008, 47-year-old Matthäus married then 21-year old Ukrainian model Kristina Liliana Chudinova. The ceremony was held in Las Vegas. They met a year earlier at an Oktoberfest beer festival. They currently live in Tel Aviv, Israel, where Liliana studies journalism in a local university there.

Supposed Jewish grandmother, living in Israel... who knows, maybe there's some hope for Lothar afterall...

And here's my favorite clip from Lothar's stay with the MetroStars of MLS. He tries to teach DC's thug Ben Olsen that the ball is... round.

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  1. He divorced with Liliane, (of course, paid a lot
    of money), and dates a polish model