Monday, October 11, 2010

Jews in the News: Peter Diamond wins the Nobel

They sure made us sweat this year. After being shut out of Nobel's first five prizes, we got one in the Economics category, as MIT economist Peter Diamond shared the prize with Dale Mortensen and Christopher Pissarides.


  1. Andre Geim is Jewish, I believe...

  2. Wikipedia says he is German and it sounds more plausible. His father's name, Konstantin Alekseyevich, definitely does not sound Jewish at all. Jews born in Russia in 1910 were rarely Konstantins and NEVER Alekseyeviches.
    And his mom's last name, Bayer, is absolutely German.
    Sounds like in the article quoted above he was talking about "his nationality not helping" in the sense that being German in the USSR wasn't so great either, but the journalistnjust assumes he was talking about being Jewish.

    And here is a copy of his student card. It's in Russian but trust me, in the "Nationality" line it says: "Nemets" (German).

  3. Ok. I guess the status is "uncertain" then.

    Another source that states he is Jewish:

    I'm not familiar with Russian language or official ethnic classifications. If the student card says "Nemets", does this preclude the possibility of his being Jewish?

    A 2006 Article in quotes him as saying he was used to being called "bloody Jew" as a student in Russia. That could be just slander from other kids however... If he is in fact not Jewish, this article could have formed the basis of subsequent misinformation.

  4. he is jewish, somehow, on the Conclusion