Thursday, October 28, 2010

Profile: Craig Breslow

Returning suggester Joe from Scranton tipped us to the smartest athletes article, which led to this profile. Also suggested by... many other returning suggesters: Bruce from LA (he sent it in August of... 2008!), Karen from San Diego (she loves those (former) Padres), Bob from Fairfield, IA, as well as Howard from NY.

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  1. Actually in the States you technically do not need to go to college to play pro hockey; while the US does not have the strong "Junior Hockey" system of Canada, the NHL operates much like baseball in having minor leagues/a "farm system" where you can theoretically start straight out of high school.

    While (unlike baseball) it certainly helps to play college hockey if you are a US born-and-bred player, the regions of the US that are considered "hockey havens" (i.e. the Midwest from Detroit and Chicago on north, upstate New York and most of New England) usually have pretty strong high school hockey programs.

    An interesting correlation, the parts of the US with the strongest high school hockey programs tend to also be the ones with strong Lacrosse teams as well.