Monday, June 20, 2011

Profile: Adam Goldberg and Adam Goldberg

No, we're not doing double profiles now, the last two just worked out this way.

Adam Goldberg the actor was suggested by James from Clovis, NM, Jake from Toronto, Moishe from La Jolla, Candy from Indiana, Binyamin from the Netherlands, Roma from Israel, and Czosniak from Canada.

Adam Goldberg the NFL player was suggested by Steve from Irvine, CA.

The winner is clear.


  1. Whose birthdate is on there -- the NFL player or the comedian?

  2. Self-hating Jew.

  3. Are you sure Adam Goldberg (ne 1970) isn't more of a borderline Jew? He says he's a "mutt" and other things and is usually reluctant to identify as Jewish

  4. Yes, that's Borderline. Fixing. Thanks.

  5. Is this site filled with Frum now or what?

  6. If someone is half Jewish by birth, the verdict can go in various directions. There are fluctuations, but basically if someone practices Judaism = Jew. If someone self-identifies as a Jew = Jew. If someone practices another religion = Barely a Jew. If it's not clear = Borderline... or sometimes Jew.

    In this case, Goldberg is very careful not to self-identify as Jewish. Which makes him Borderline, according to our matrix. Take it for what you will. Everyone has their own definition, after all.