Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Profile: Brian Cashman


Cashman's been one we've wanted to do for a while. Really ever since we ran Epstein: the creamy clam chowder counterpart to Cashman's Manhattan red.

As a side note, we're once again at the time of year when people begin to worry for Brian Cashman's job, GM of the Yankees having the job security of...well, any employee of the Yankees, really. The reality is, Cashman will be fine -- his reputation around the league is impeccable and I doubt he'd spend more than a season before landing the same position at another address.

It's the Yankees we should be concerned about in that scenario, a dysfunctional family run team that is one more aging-veteran-for-young-talent trade away from playing the 1980s all over again.


Cashman was suggested by Kevin from Scranton, Matt from NY, Bob from NY, and Eric from NJ.


  1. GREAT photo. Captures his situation completely.

  2. I agree. I almost wrote my whole post around what a great pic that is. Picture finding really is one of Zev's greater skills. Must be his long snout...