Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Profile: Amanda Seyfried


We really need to stop publishing our email address...

Amanda was suggested by Mike from Hartford, Kyra from Los Angeles, Bob from New York, Danny from West Hartford, and Bob from San Clemente, CA.


  1. You do realize that profiling Weiner is a duty now, don't you?
    Also, I long to know that Breitbart isn't a part of the tribe. And Michelle Malkin, too.

  2. Uh, Michelle Malkin is Asian (Filipino to be exact) and raised Catholic. Her husband is Malkin. From what I've read, he's Jewish but she did not convert and I don't believe they're raising their children Jewish.

    Breitbart is a bit complicated, he was adopted, only his adoptive father is Jewish but adoptive mother converted and he considers himself Jewish