Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Profile: Dutch Schultz


Some profiles just write themselves...

Thanks to Mark from Washington for the suggestion.


  1. "most importantly, as Schultz was lying there in the bathroom in the pool of his own blood, did he regret his decision?"

    Actually, Schultz didn't die in the bathroom where Bug Workman shot him. He lingered for a couple of days, rambling semi-coherently. The police, hoping he might confess either by choice or in his delirium, kept stenographers by his bedside recording the whole thing. It reads a bit like a surrealist poem -- William S. Burroughs actually wrote a play around teh actual last words of Dutch Schultz -- and you can probably find glimpses of his repenting that conversation...which E.L. Doctorow, among others, imagines he did as a way to stay on the sort of terms with the Mafia that would have kept him from getting murdered.

  2. We never said he DIED in the bathroom. :)