Friday, April 27, 2012

Settling the Score: Count von Count

Of all our profiles, Count von Count seems to be one of the most controversial. Surely, we couldn't find a way for him to be Jewish?

And now, there is some damning evidence from a commenter. Here is a Youtube video of the Count wearing what definitely looks like a yarmulke:

And here's a screenshot:

So... We're a bit taken aback, obviously. Nevertheless, the supposed yarmulke only appears in the Count's flashback (he's remembering his first day of school), and he doesn't wear it otherwise. We'd even venture a guess that it's supposed to represent some kind of a traditional child's outfit, not necessarily Jewish.

Or maybe we should just give up and proclaim him a Jew?


  1. A Jewish count would be too much. Much too much. And definitely not in Romania.

  2. Name von Name rarely ever translates to Jewish. Stand by your instincts.

  3. Well, the famed businessman/Israeli politician/basketball owner/diamond tycoon/concert promoter/gangster/Soviet spy (like the combo?) Shabtai Kalmanovich, upon being named Officer of the Order of Lithuanian Grand Duke Gediminas, often went by Shabtai von Kalmanovich. In fact, his widow, the Russian basketball player Anna Arkhipova, is legally known as Arkhipova-von Kalmanovich.

    To think of it, Shabtai (von) Kalmanovich probably merits a profile.

    But I agree, Count von Count is neither Jewish nor worth your time. And it's just a kids' beanie he is wearing.