Friday, April 27, 2012

Profile: Gary Ross

It was tempting to profile Jennifer Lawrence, whose mother's maiden name is Koch... But it looks like a goyishe Koch to us.

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  1. Yes, Jennifer Lawrence appears thoroughly non-Jewish on both sides as far back as I can trace her ancestry (plus, my rule is - these days, young American female dramatic actor = WASP. young American male dramatic actor = Jewish or part Jewish).

    Speaking of last names, the mother of her co-star, Josh Hutcherson, was born with the second most amazing last name I have ever heard: Fightmaster. (it's German).

    The most awesome last name I have ever heard: Cockman. That's the maiden name of Michael Cera' mother, and it seems to be thoroughly appropriate! (don't worry, it's not Jewish, [thankfully] so you don't have to change your Cera score).