Thursday, April 26, 2012

Profile: Howard Wolowitz

Speaking of twats....

Oh we kid. Sort of.

Suggested by Alex from Germany, Elana from New Jersey, Marion from North Carolina, and Joel from London.


  1. Well done, guys. I've hoped you'd get to Wolowitz for a while now.

    I think the show itself is terrific, full of quirky characters who have consistent interests and who care about each other for reasons that are both funny and reasonably sincere.

    Wolowitz is generally the exception, though. His nonstop full-of-himself horniness is occasionally funny, but never as sincere or playful as the other guys' neuroses.

    And worse even than Wolowitz is his mother, a character whom we never see but who embodies deeply outdated Jewish mother stereotypes of smothering, needy, clinging control. Wolowitz has some redeeming qualities, and he's part of a good ensemble. She's just embarrassing, a clear example of unimaginative writing and stale ant-Semitism (or, as you say) self-loathing.

  2. Ironically, I've read that the woman who plays Wolowitz's "Catholic" fiance is Jewish in real life.....

  3. Have you ever considered profiling actor Simon Helberg? He isn't known for much other than playing Wolowtiz, but there's a very funny bit in a Reno 911 episode where they catch a character he's playing for soliciting a prostitute. As they interrogate him, he confesses he's never been with a woman before and that his mother, filming the whole business from a car across the street, has given him a blank check to facilitate things. The Reno cops, moved by the situation, decide to help him out, and, since he's said he's really hoping to lose his virginity to a Jewish girl, agree to take him to a whorehouse called The Burning Bush."

    Sorry I can't find a link for a clip, but it seems something most JONJ readers would appreciate.

  4. He was also one of the pledges in Old School. We like Simon, but the truth is, once you write about Wolowitz, there's really nothing else to say...

    As for Melissa Rauch (the young woman who plays Bernadette), Verdict: Jew. Also, Verdict: from New Jersey. Important stuff for those of us who care about such things.

  5. He was Moist, in Dr. Horrible's Sing Along Blog!

    Nobody wants to be Moist...