Monday, July 23, 2012

Jews in the News: Olympic Jews

The Olympics are coming up, so, just like four years ago, we will be doing Olympic Week, where we profile five Olympic Jews. The five in 2008 were:

  • Dara Torres, USA, swimming
  • Jason Lezak, USA, swimming
  • David Zalcberg, Australia, table tennis
  • Nicolas Massu, Chile, Tennis
  • Alexander Averbukh, Israel, pole vault

    So who will the five chosen athletes in 2012 be? We already profiled Lezak, who is returning, as well as Sue Bird, USA, basketball, but here are some options:

  • Jo Aleh, New Zealand, sailing
  • David Banks, USA, rowing
  • Josh Binstock, Canada, beach volleyball
  • Anthony Ervin, USA, swimming
  • Jessica Fox, Australia, canoe
  • Steve Gluckstein, USA, trampoline (¼ Jewish)
  • Vasyl Fedoryshyn, Ukraine, wrestling
  • Mark Mendelblatt, USA, sailing
  • Tim Morehouse, USA, fencing (¼ Jewish)
  • Merrill Moses, USA, water polo
  • Sarah Poewe, Germany, swimming
  • Alexandra Raisman, USA, gymnastics
  • Steve Solomon, Australia, track
  • Rebecca Soni, USA, swimming (¼ Jewish)
  • Soren Thompson, USA, fencing
  • Julie Zetlin, USA, rythmic gymnastics

    As well as obviously pretty much the entire Israeli team. Three of the five have already been selected... Who knows, we might even do more!

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