Thursday, July 5, 2012

Profile: Ed Miliband

Ed's brother David is also a Labour Party honcho.

Suggestions by Joel from London, Mats from Norway, Leon from UK, Daniel from London, Jonathan from Sweden, Ben from Albany, Adrian from Birmingham, UK, and Chris from London.


  1. Hey there I was listening to Meat Loaf the other day (Bat Out Of Hell) and I noted that Jim Steinman wrote the songs and music and I think you should profile him because he's Jewish. And I was also wondering if you could also profile the man himself Meat Loaf (Aday). Or if you don't want to. Could you tell me is Meat Loaf (Aday) Jewish or not? Thank-you!

  2. I wouldn't peg anyone who chooses to be called "Meat Loaf" as Jewish. "Brisket," on the other hand...