Monday, July 30, 2012

Profile: Aly Raisman

Olympic Week begins! And Aly turned heads last night, finishing second overall in qualifying.

And we're mentioned on Deadspin:

Jewish sports fans have a long history of living vicariously through prominent Jewish athletes, and prior to the era in which a little Googling could turn up a site which claims authority on the subject, it was a popular pastime to debate the all-around Jewishness of athletes whose religious affilitations were ambiguous (David Cone, anybody?).

Suggestions by Bruce from Cambridge, IL, Megan from Milwaukee, Jeffrey from Needham, MA, Don from Arizona, JeriAnn from Connecticut, and John from New Hampshire.


  1. Was watching USA vs. South Africa beach volleyball, and noticed one of the US players was named Sean Rosenthal. Is he?

  2. The quick answer is no. The slow answer is maybe, 1/4 at best. The full known Jewish list is here.

  3. So I guess that means Grant Goldschmidt, who was on the South African team for that same game, is not either? (Looking at him, he definitely looks like a "mix", i.e. part black).

  4. Haven't seem him listed anywhere.