Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Profile: Joel Rifkin

We had a lengthy discussion about this, but Yakov insists that since Rifkin was only adopted by Jews and doesn't self-identify... Not a Jew.

Another suggestion by Don from Arizona.


  1. "Joel Rifkin" also made for the plot of an awesome Seinfeld episode (c.1993), in which Elaine tried to convince her boyfriend to change her name to -- sign of the times here -- O.J.

  2. Hence the link to Elaine at the bottom.

  3. Hello Chosen People! :) You say that you can't understand why Goyim/Gentiles have the word Jr. (Junior)at the end of their names... One of your fellow Jews has a Jr./Junior at then end and it is: Edgar Bronfman Jr. RICH & POWERFUL! Look it up and prove me worng... Say in a week??? From a Non-Jew. Still respect your religion and all. Prove me wrong if you want to but... I think I'm correct! Shalo! V