Monday, October 29, 2012

Profile: Marc Bolan

Suggestions by John from Baltimore, Jason from Vancouver, James from Pennsylvania, Don from LA, Nathan from Chicago, Kevin from Michigan, Raul from Minnesota, and Fernando from Spain.


  1. If only his father was Jewish, why wasn't he borderline? Did he self-identify?

  2. Oh, and you forgot that I (Jason from Vancouver) also suggested Marc Bolan way back when? Anyway, glad to see that you finally got around to profiling him....

    With regard to the "see also" list at the bottom of the profile: I don't really see what Marc Bolan has to do with Boy George and George Michael(???), apart from being musical and English. The connection with Bob Dylan and (obviously) David Bowie has already been noted. However, as an early 70s glam rocker, Bolan has more in common with fellow Jew Lou Reed, and possibly Alice Cooper and Gene Simmons.

  3. I still think his Jew score is too low.

  4. I'm assuming you guys -- or at least your servers -- got hit hard in the storm.

    I know I'm not alone in wishing you well and in hoping you're homes are dry and whole.

  5. Hey Anon,

    Everyone is ok (thanks so much for asking), but yeah, there's some Sandy-related technical difficulties on our end. Not to worry. We'll be back up and running soon.

    In the meantime, we hope everyone is OK and staying warm and dry.

  6. I noticed no blog for Yulia T or for Judd Hirsch nor for Judd Hirsch and no Oct. 30 JornotJ entry. Is that related to these technical difficulties?

    I also join in wishing you well in hoping you are dry and whole (and that you got the power....)

  7. If only his father was Jewish? WTF!?! His Father WAS Jewish, you idiot!

  8. HEY!!! Why did you change Elvis Presley's verdict as Sadly, not a Jew!!!????!!! He WAS/is (hahaha) a Jew!!! His Maternal Grandmother was Jewish!?! I stumbled upon his profile through other Musicians... Musicians!?! YES THAT'S RIGHT! I'M BACK! HELLO! (Oy Gevalt!) The Musical Jew!!! What happened guys!?! ELVIS WAS JEWISH!!! You had him at, what was it I seem to recall Barley one of us or Boderline one of us???!!!??? And now it's a total No, no, no, Sadly NOT a JEW!!! What in GREAT MOSES happened!?! Anywho here's a few artists I would love for you to profile... The entire THE JESUS LIZARD band... Gotta be a ironic twist in there somewhere, am I right? J. Mascis from Dinosaur Jr... sure looks like one of us to me and Nikki Sixx from Motley Crue... (That's not his real name)? Trying to hide his Jewish identity, maybe?!? Anywho... So disappointed about that Elvis change... Don't know and can't remember which musician I stumbled upon to get to him and glorify into the fact that he is one of us and then on my shock to discover he WAS/is (hahaha) NOT Jewish!!!???!!! Where did you find proof that he wasn't!!!???!!! I had to do some research myself and (obviously) discovered that he was!!! Why are you erasing history, why are you trying to deny that the one and ONLY KING was not Jewish?!? Please tell me... WHY!?! from The Musical Jew... :)

  9. Elvis' Jewish grandmother is an unconfirmed rumor. Spelled out in the profile.

  10. Hey Zev, Musical Jew here, again... No, no, no... Look... I just can't accept that Elvis was/is (hehehe) NOT Jewish when he WAS!!! Look at all the proof look at all the evidence... Loook at all the websites that claim that he was/is (hehehe) JEWISH!!! LOOK: Happy 75th, Elvis: Yes, “The King” Was Jewish
    Jan 8, 2010 – Elvis Presley has Jewish Heritage through direct descent from the Jewess ... Therefore, Elvis himself is legally Jewish under the Jewish law of ...
    • Elvis Presley's Jewish Roots Highlighted on his 35th Yahrtzheit ... › Arts and Culture › Music
    Aug 16, 2012 – On the 35th anniversary of his death Thursday, Tablet magazine highlighted something about Elvis Presley that even his die-hard fans ...
    • Was Elvis Presley Jewish? › Jewlarious › Cool Stuff
    Apr 14, 2007 – In 1998, The Wall Street Journal published an article titled, "All Shook Up in the Holy Land" exposing Elvis Presley's unlikely Jewish lineage.
    • Was elvis presley jewish or christian? - Yahoo! Answers › ... › Religion & Spirituality
    9 answers - 15 Aug 2009
    Top answer: lineage proven through his mother, her mother, his mother's mother....Priscilla was devout Catholic. He loved to sing Gospel...but ...
    • Elvis Presley, Marilyn Monroe - The Jewish Museum in Cyberspace
    Thus Elvis Presley was Jewish the old fashioned way – through maternal descent, while Marilyn Monroe, Elizabeth Taylor and Sammy Davis Junior all ...
    • Jewish Elvis. Elvis Presley Jewish Family Tree. Elvis Jewish Ancestry
    Jewish Elvis, Elvis Presley Jewish Heritage, Elvis Jewish Ancestry, Presley Family Tree.
    • Elvis Presley: Jewish King of Rock - Tablet Magazine
    Aug 16, 2012 – As an accidental past participant in Elvis Week, the festival held each August in Memphis leading up to the anniversary of Elvis's death, I can ...

    So PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE CHANE IT FOR THE LOVE OF G_D!!! PLEASE!!!???!!! from The Musical Jew... :)

  11. Nope. Do research on the source of that claim.

  12. BUT Zev I have!!! And it all comes up with and concludes that ELVIS IS that (US!... Jewish!!!)!!! ELVIS Was/is(Hohoho) Born!!! (BUT! Not raised) Jewish! Look let me talk to Yakov... He'll see reason... He'll point out the facts, confirm, prove and clarify the ELVIS WAS/is (Hohoho) Jewish... No offence Zev, BUT! I don't believe you! ELVIS WAS/is (ergh, I'm sick of that too... I'll stop, you don't find it funny)JEWISH! OY!!! You can't prove me wrong... If Yakov does prove me wrong then and only then, I'll let sleeping dogs lie... If he has proof, if he has found a glitch in the Matrix system and Proves that Neil Diamond is and only was the true Jewish version of Elvis... (When everyone else say's Elvis was BORN Jewish!) then and only then will I let it go!!!... But until then... ELVIS WAS (pardon my French) FUCKING JEWISH!!! Accept it Zev!!! From The Musical Jew... :)

  13. Well I'm waiting, Yakov... :) From The Musical Jew :)


  15. Back on the subject of Marc Bolan, you guys have seen this before right?
    That album's cover of "Get It On" is extremely disturbing. It has what sounds like a children's choir for its backup vocals.

  16. NO! Johnny Lurg, just NO! You're thinking of the song:
    "The Children Of The Revolution!"

    There WAS a children's choir for it's backup vocals there!

    But as for "Get It On" There was ONLY ADULT FEMALES singing backup vocals for "Get It On"... NOT Children!

    Please for the LOVE of MOSES, get your facts right!