Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Profile: Irv Gikofsky


The current Channel 11 hostess is Jodi Applegate, who is married to Michael Kay -- Not a Jew, please stop asking!


  1. Just wanted to note some other famous Jewish weatherpeople, if you ever want to profile them (I'm going in order of how "famous" I think they are since I doubt they'd all be worthy of a profile):

    Frank Field (as well as his son, who he named Storm Field....NYC weather icons just like Mr. G)

    Stephanie Abrams (hot babe on the Weather Channel who has a 'morning show' with former NY weather icon (not a jew) Al Roker)

    Lee Goldberg (he's the modern day "Frank Field" or the next generation's "Mr. G" in NY....BTW you've profiled Liz Cho of NY's channel 7 where Lee is on....co-anchor Bill Ritter is Jewish too (they've said this when they were off on the High Holy Days).

    Dr. Mel Goldstein (southern New England's version of Frank Field but almost as nationally known)

    Geoff Fox (native NYer who was a rival to Mel Goldstein in the Connecticut market and was their version of Mr. G until recently, has great "weather blog" that is nationally known)

    Dave Schwartz (former "major player" on the Weather Channel)

    I've also heard that Paul Kocin, who used to be famous on the Weather Channel as an expert on Northeast snowstorms and is a noted national researcher on them, is Jewish, but don't know for sure.

  2. Wow, you guys must be running out of people to profile.

  3. Replies
    1. Seriously, you have no idea. NONE. We'll run out of energy before we run out of people...

    2. "Seriously, you have no idea. NONE. We'll run out of energy before we run out of people..."

      I was being sarcastic after you ran a profile of a guy that maybe 10% of America has ever heard of

    3. Which is 9.9% more than have heard of today's profile...

  4. Lee Goldberg has occasionally "subbed" for Sam Champion on Good Morning America, giving him national exposure