Friday, January 4, 2013

Profile: Victor Perez

A boxing champion with the last name Perez... a TUNISIAN Jew???

Suggestion by Yosef from Israel.

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  1. Many (but not all, some are Mizrahim) Tunisian Jews are Sephardim and some have Perez as a last name. In fact, there are some theories (but not absolutely proven) that the Ashkenazic last name Peretz are the descendents of some small group of Perez-es who went to one those rare places in eastern Europe that a trickle of Sephardim settled in (i.e. Romania, southernmost parts of Poland) who perhaps "Germanized" their last name when they blended into the much larger Ashkenazic populations there.

    I realize you were making a good joke but just wanted to "shed a little light" on it.