Thursday, March 7, 2013

Profile: Cary Elwes

Suggestion by Michael from Hartford.


  1. The one thing I've always found maddening about your well-researched, comprehensive log is that in the midst of your pithy creativity, you sometimes neglect to say "from where?" As in "from where is Cary Elwes Jewish?" Is he a quarter on his dad's side? Does he have scattered Eastern European ancestry? What's the Jewish connection? I did a quick Google and couldn't find one.

  2. Well, if we always say "from where", it starts getting repetitive... And stuff like that can usually be looked up.

    Maternal great-grandfather

  3. I can't find anything out there even saying he's remotely not sure where you got this one....

  4. See above. Also:
    great-grandfather, born Ivan Rikard Mendel Kraus, converted to Christianity, changed name to Ivanovic.

  5. Ah, interesting! And so obscure!

    Apparently Mr. Elwes's stepfather was also Jewish.