Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Profile: Charles Grodin

Suggestion by Larry from Fresno.


  1. Don't forget More American Graffiti.

  2. Ah hey, you gotta see Midnight Run. I saw it and it was really good, I saw it in the afternoon movie time slot. De Niro and Yaphet are brilliant as usual. And yeah I gotta say I've never been much of Grodin fan, kinda looks creepy and he's played creepy roles (IMO). But I gotta say after seeing this, not only do I have a whole new found respect for him as an actor but as a person as well. And... gotta say... I know it's cliched but... "Funny, he doesn't look Jewish".

    1. You're certainly right that he doesn't look Jewish. When I was watching Midnight Run, I, too, couldn't help but notice that he looked absolutely nothing like his Jewish co-star, Yaphet Kotto.

  3. Oh ha, ha, ha. Very funny! You know what I mean, don't be so pedantic. I mean he doesn't have I don't know... Look he looks like a Goy alright, in my eyes anyway. Never knew Charles Grodin's ethnicity would be a subject of deabte.