Friday, March 29, 2013

Profile: Ehud

This website is pretty awesome. The Ehud story.


  1. Hi. Was Chester Gould creator of Dick Tracy comics Jewish? I read somewhere where he was but then I read somewhere where he wasn't. So... Jewish or Not?

  2. Gould wasn't just a WASP but also someone with a real fear of the immigrant. In grad school, I spent a lot of time arguing that his grotesques -- Flattop, Shakey, The Blank, and the rest -- were really just code for ethnic others, for gangsters who'd stood out from "real Americans" because of their sinister Italian-ness or their treasonable Jewishness. Dick Tracy is fun, I'll grant, but I read most of it as mistrusting immigrants and celebrating the kind of traditional Americn that the Tribune's publisher Col. McCormick used the rest of his paper to celebrate as well.