Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Profile: Hoshitango Imachi


OK, so I watched a PBS show about crows the day before I wrote this profile. Sue me.

Suggestion by David from Hungary.


  1. A Jewish sumo wrestler is very cool, and so is the bit about the crows. For me, though, today, the coolest thing I've learned is that the great Anthony Lewis, New York Times columnist extraordinaire for a very long time, was part of the tribe. He died yesterday and had been more or less quiet for the last decade or more, but he inspired me and a lot of my college friends to think about how words and arguments can make the world a better place.

  2. Was Imachi his real first name? This sounds even more improbable.

  3. Now that is really cool, even cooler than the Dorothy Levitt story yesterday......

  4. As a side effect of his name, if you search for "shit" on JONJ, it'll take you directly to this profile...