Monday, October 21, 2013

Profile: Eric Garcetti

Suggestions by Jim from Tampa, Miriam from Burbank, and Peter from De Pere, WI.


  1. You say "New York natch", but NYC didn't have one until Abe Beame in the 70s (though some give LaGuardia an "asterisk"), whereas some other cities had one before then.

  2. Other top 50 largest cities who've had Jewish mayors, ordered by population, include: Austin, Jacksonville, Indianapolis, Fort Worth, El Paso, Memphis, Louisville, Portland, Albequerque, Tuscon, Virginia Beach, Omaha, Minneapolis and Wichita. Together with the 11 mentioned in the article (Anchorage and Boise are not top 50), that makes a cool 50%!

    The record for most Jewish mayors of a major city surely goes to Cincinatti, with six (including a certain Mr. Springer).

  3. mmm, so Detroit never had a Jewish mayor. Good! ... and of course, the very first jew ELECTED as governor goes to that very jewish state of .... Idaho - ? See the Moses Alexander profile, #394!!

    The first jewish governor was David Emanuel who assumed office after James Jackson the current governor was elected to the US Senate. This was in Georgia, 1801. Fascinating, Idaho and Georgia - who knew!