Thursday, October 24, 2013

Profile: Lorenz Hart

Back-to-back Harts?

Suggestion by Matt from San Francisco and Daniel from Wisconsin.


  1. The Hammerstein stuff may remain more famous, but Hart was much cleverer -- which is to say much more "Jewish" in the ways that really seem to matter:

    I have eyes for you to give you dirty looks.
    I have words that do not come from children's books
    there's a trick with a knife I'm learning to do
    And ev'rything I've got belongs to you.
    I've a powerful anesthesia in my fist,
    And the perfect wrist to give your neck a twist.
    There are hammerlock holds,
    I've mastered a few,
    And ev'rything I've got belongs to you.
    Share for share, share alike,
    You get struck each time I strike.
    You for me- me for me-
    I'll give you plenty of nothing.
    I'm not yours for better but for worse,
    And I've learned to give the well-known witches' curse.
    I've a terrible tongue, a temper for two,
    And ev'rything I've got belongs to you.

  2. You must know, in any discussion of Lorenz Hart, that he was small, under five feet, considered himself unlovable, and rumored to be gay though closeted, and very depressed. The lyrics quoted above are angry but most have a dark, moody quality, i.e. My Funny Valentine. Inimitable.