Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Profile: Mickey Hart

Suggestion by Ricky from Boynton Beach, FL and Josh from Pennsylvania.


  1. I LOVE THE GRATEFUL DEAD! I've been a Deadhead for... Mmmm, G_d let me get off the weed for a sec and turn down probably their best song ever... Saint Stephen (live version) from the best Live/(Dead) ;) album ever... Anyway as I was saying man, I've loved the Dead for gee since... Oh man, am I baked...
    Anyway my point is I could have sworn that Bill Kreutzmann was Jewish too, man... I mean his last name is a dead give away, plus he kinda looks Jewish too. Ha, oh well... Anyway... What was I saying, oh man... I am so stoned... Anyway I'm gonna say thanks man for writing a "Grate" profile of one of the most underrated American drummer ever man. He was a real rhythm devil, man... Okay, so, Peace man or as you Jews say: Shalom man. V :) (Oh man, am I've got the munchies)

  2. Even Robert Hunter (the band's lyricist who was never a musician) is definitely higher on the hierarchy than Mickey Hart.

  3. Hey man, it's me again, hey man. It's been said that Mickey "WAS THE ONLY JEW" in the GRATEFUL DEAD, NOT TRUE, man. There was also keyboardist Vince Welnick (R.I.P) who was also a member of the rock band The Tubes who later appeared in the DEAD man so... you know, just puttin' it out there. Peace, man. V or Shalom or whatever man. regardless... Um... Mmm, Peace! V!